Homemade Spelt Granola

Spelt Granola

I have to admit Gracie’s breakfast’s of late have been a tad on the repetitive side. ¬†Mainly because we’re always in such a rush to get out of the house in the morning and Miss Gracie is not always such a willing participant #toddlerlife.

Whenever we are over my Mum’s house Grace always wants to try my mum’s granola but it has various nuts in it if that she can’t have, so we always end up picking out the bits she can have, which is slightly painful!

I had completely forgotten about Spelt Flakes until someone mentioned them to me the other day so I went out to get some to try and put my own version of a granola together, one that was tailored to Gracie’s food intolerances and that she could enjoy as well without us having to pick bits out!

Spelt does contain gluten, Gracie just seems to be able to tolerate it and it didn’t come up with a reading on her food intolerance results. ¬†Spelt is an ancient grain and is highly nutritious, it’s high in fibre and protein and some people find it easier to digest.



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